Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First 12 x 12 layout in a while

At long last my mojo seems to have returned and I have managed a 12 x 12 layout

I used the My Minds Eyre Pretty please papers from my September Cleo Crafts Kit

The picture is of my daughter - better late than never as she is 16 now!!! As you can guess I have a huge backlog as I only took up scrapping a few years ago. Sometimes I think I will never wade my way through them all.


  1. Lovely LO..the nice thingbaout foing them 16 years after the event is that you know wtheir character much better and can choose appropriate embellishments.....sound convincing? I still have baby pics too, and I hate scrapping chronologically, they have to wait till I'm in the mood! Hope you're enjoying the blog thingy!

  2. I know what you mean. I took up this hobby a few years ago and instead of getting old photos scrapped I'm finding I'm taking 10 times the amount I took before. Thousands of the things I've got now ;)

    The pastel colours you've used really match the photo and her dress - I agree with what Julia said about knowing how to embellish better after the fact as well. Your little flowers are perfect.