Friday, 27 September 2013

Rocking Your World Friday - 27 September,

Hello fellow Rockettes. Im on a roll as Ive remembered to post this for the second week in a row yay!! I just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments on last weeks post. I have drawn a line under all the negatives and have had a positive week Firstly I am grateful for our crop last Saturday, all the girls proved very supportive and have all agreed to help so that I am not left running the crop on my own. I always said what a great bunch our crop girls are and they have sure proved me right this last month or so. I had some fun doing a demo for Angela (Angel Crafts) of the lovely frantage products - I could get quite addicted to these. Heres a few of the tags I made for the crop.
These bad boys arrived from Amazon - Carmen recommended them as as they were only a couple of quid I thought Id give them a go. I havent tried them yet but will do so soon and let you know how I get on with them.
I am very grateful that despite a rather nasty fall at the caravan this week whilst trying to climb up to see over a wall if you dont mind!!!! My Mother (well into her seventies) escaped with some nasty bruising on her back and the back of her head having to be glued back together. It could have been so much worse and although she is going to be sore for a while it looks like no major damage has been done. I will leave you with a wee face that never fails to cheer me up. Maisie Moo thought the new pink flamingo bag I got last week from Asda was a perfect place for her. She does love her a bag that kitten!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

Hello there. Despite my best intentions I've been missing in action for the last couple of Tuesdays but as things hsve calmed down somewhat I'm back this week. I really haven't been up to much on the crafty front so thought I'd share with you a couple of backgrounds I've done in my art journal. At our crop on Saturday Donna lent me her paper artsy chalk finish paints. I've been having a wee play with them and they do behave a bit differently to the acrylics I'm used to but after several sessions and a lot of layering I finally got two backgrounds I'm happy with. The colour palette is a bit more pastel than I'm used to but they do have a lovely soft finish and I broke out my fab new Kate Crane stamps, to use and I am totally in love with them.
That's all from me so why not pop on over to Vicki's to see what Ten Minute Tuesday is all about

Friday, 20 September 2013

Rocking your World Friday 20 September

Hello everyone. I've been missing in action a bit over the last couple of weeks and I'm sorry theres been nothing of any great interest to share with you. This was due to events completely outwith my control which once uncovered just seemed to spiral into ever more of an increasing nightmare. So sorry I havent been round to comment on all your lovely blogs either but I will put that to right this week. I'm pleased to say that I'm pretty confident everything has pretty much been resolved now as best as can be in all the circumstances but I have been left pretty much knocked right down by them. There's nothing worse than being let down and betrayed by someone you counted as a friend but I guess as usual you live and learn. It was made all the more difficult for me as folks who know me will know that after my husband of 20 years fell for and subsequently married my former best friend it took me a very long time to build up trust in anybody again and to have done thst and then find yourself betrayed again albeit in a completely different way has hit me very hard. I think what is worse too is that this person comes from the crafting world and up to now every crafter I have met has been just so lovely. I have worked alongside this person setting up and running our local crop for the last couple of years and to find out that all sorts of what can only be described as nastiness and deviousness has gone on behind my back has really sickened me to the core. this was made worse on Sunday night and Monday morning by a completely unwarranted attack publicly on me out of no where by a team member on an online forum I'm part of.
Anyways enough of the negativity, this week at least there have been things which have at least given me a reason to post my rocked my world post. Firstly my lovely daughter, who stood by me while things crumbled all around. She is a very loyal and very strong young woman and I am immensely proud of her. she is the one in red, her best friend Jade in black.
Secondly, look at this this funky little bag from Asda, with pink flamingos on, it was designed by Julien McDonald for their Tickled Pink campaign and with a proportion of the price going to breast cancer charities it would have been rude not too. Its going to hold some of my crafting bits and bobs for taking to crops.
Then last Sunday I had a lovely lunch out with my Mum and Dad at our favourite local deli and a glass of two of rather delicious merlot just might have passed my lipes!!! Well I deserved it.
This little package of stampendous encrusted jewels embossing powders and fragments arriving in the post from Angela (Angel Crafts) for me to play with in readiness for giving a wee demo at our crop tomorrow, I got to pick the colour (teal) and its gorgeous!
And looky looky at these little beauties - stamps made by Kate Crane from her Etsy shop which I was lucky enough to be ab
le to get a hold of - cannot wait to get these little beauties inked up. FInally, good friends both old and new who have really come through and rallied round with support during the aforementioned horrible time. The level of supoort and friendship has been astounding and I'd like to thank then all for being there for me. Im looking forward to reading all your Rocking your World posts and if you are not sure what this is all about then hop over to Virginia's place and take a look. Hoping to regain my creativity at my crop tomorrow so might have something new and crafty to show you.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday - 3 September

Morning folks. Ive been having a bit of a time of it lately and I missed completely joining in with this and Rocking your World Friday last week. I really havent had the time or the inclination to do much crafting but I did make a start at the weekend on a wee project but that is for the UK Scrappers End of Summer Blog Hop so I cant show you that yet. Come back on Monday 9 September when the hop goes live though and join in with us So the only bit of craftiness I have managed is to continue with my Intentions page in my Art, Doodle, Love book. Its getting there but its still not quite finished. Id like to completely fill up the whole lot before I move on from that to another page. I am still really loving picking this up and having a wee doodle although I do have a way to go compared to others I have seen. I started off using the Feber Castell Pitt pens but i kept ruining them writing on top of paint so bought a couple of the Pigma Micron ones and I must say that for doodling they are my new favourite. I have yet to try them over paint though lol. The colouring in has been done with Derwent Coloursoft pencils and I do love these, they are soft and blend easily and there is a fab colour range.
Well thats all for me today. Hop over to Vickis to see what Ten Minute Tuesday is all about. Im not sure if she will have a post today or not as her kiddies might just be going back to school but theres always something lovely to look at on her blog.