Sunday, 30 May 2010

Well another not very inspiring day in Northumberland so good excuse to carry on crafting.  Have now started putting together the mini book for my nephew's 18th using those gorgeous Bo Bunny Mama Razzi papers from my Cleo Crafts kit.  Need to wait till I get home to scan some photos and gather up some embellishments for the things he is interested in.

Have also started on my Printers Tray.  I have decided not to tamper with the wood finish as I rather like it so have been busy today cutting down some papers to fit in the various sections.  I used Bo Bunny again this time from the Paradise Lost (I think) collection.  I also used used photos I had taken of lobster pots, the sand and some rocks on the beach.  I will not be able to finish this until I get back home although I have made some roses out of some wee scraps of the paper.  Unfortunately the weather hasnt quite been dry enough to have collecting shells trip to the beach so I will need to wait for that.  I am also looking to order a couple of wee glass bottles with cork stoppers which I can fill with some sand.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Typical Bank Holiday Weather

It's just typical isn't it.  Last weekend was a scorcher and this weekend, the Bank Holiday it's gone all rainy.  Never mind.  I'm in my favourite place anyway rain or not.  I am having a few chill out days with my Mum and Dad.  Brought a couple of books to read and some bits and pieces of my crafting kit.  I am hoping to start a mini book for my nephew's 18th Birthday using my new Cleo Craft kit which this month is Bo Bunny's Mamarazzi which I absolutely love.  I also brought my dabble kit from Gottacraft with me which is full of yummy vintage style embellishments  - almost too good to use.

I have also bought one of the 7 gypsies printers trays and am hoping to alter that for my bathroom at home using beach style papers and embellishments.  I will post pics of that one in my next post

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are doing.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I Lurve the AA

Well this is going to be the weekend that never was.  Set off with my daughter bright and early this morning for Newcastle to get back a car from my ex partner and to then have the weekend at the caravan in Beadnell with my parents so that my Mum could drive one car back for me and was merrily driving down the M74 quite happily when all of a sudden - bang - ooops pulled onto the hard shoulder, couldn't see anything wrong so phoned the AA.  Turns out my offside suspension springy thingy went pop - fairly fatal.  Had to be towed by home by the AA man  - who incidentally was a bit of a hottie.  Now facing a nice repair bill and am carless for the moment.  Oh well just have to stay home and do a bit of crafting. And as for the other car - will have to wait for an other opportunity to drag its sorry ass back home. Ah well such is life I guess. No pics today - wonder if I should have taken one of the AA man with my phone - could have made a layout from that!!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Diet Watch - Week 1

Well I survived the first week on my Slimming World diet.  I managed quite well although I did find it all a bit confusing.  I had my weigh in tonight and I was delighted to have lost 6.5 lbs.  That's a good start and has encouraged me to go on. 

I got my daughter to take photos on me on her phone as I intend to chart this no doubt long journey in mini book form.  I warn you they are not a pretty sight!!  I think I will have similar pictures taken every other month or so so that I can hopefully see what progress I am making.

Funny how when she takes pcics of herself and her pals they turn out fine but these are blurry but maybe thats for the best as they are pretty horrendous.

Well now that I have got started my next move is to get some exercise in so I think I will start out gently with some walking for the first week  and then see how I go from there.  Really need to build up my fitness level and I am sure it will help with the weight loss.

Hopefully I will get a crafty post in this week as I was really not in the mood to do much last week. 

And on an update to my last post more upset it would seem that it was the murdered boys friend who was at the same show who has been arrested for his murder. Another upsetting day round here.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sad news in our Town this week

We have had sad news in our Town this week.  A 16 year boy was murdered in a wooded area near our home.  He was in the same school year as my daughter who had known him since he was five.  No one seems to know what happened other than that his body was found at 7pm on Thursday evening and it would appear that he had his throat cut.  My daughter and her pals are all devasted and the kids have all been leaving, cards, flowers and balloons at the edge of the woods.  He was a quiet, popular boy who didnt seem to have any enemies.  What a world we live in these days.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Enough is enough

Okay I have finally decided that enough is enough on the "overweight" front.  I have bitten the bullet ( and not before time) and joined a local Slimming World class.  I am utterly disgusted at how much weight I have put on in the last five years or so and even though these have been diffucult years including the break down of a long standing marriage and also of a new relationship its time to stop making excuses, get off my very fat bum and do something about it.  I decided to give Slimming World a go as my friend Janice is doing this and achieving good results.  I thought if I posted publicly I would feel more inclined to carry through with it.  I think I will make a mini book/journal to follow my journey and hopefully that will help spur me on.

With that in mind I have had a photo of myself taken tonight.  I dont think it is fit for scaring any blog readers so I will keep it to myself for now.

Hopefully I will get out and about and get a bit more exercise and then keep my hands busy with a bit of crafting which will hopefully stop me constantly nibbling.

Wish me luck - I have a heck of a long way to go!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Monthly Crop

Was at my monthly crop yesterday.  Had a great day with some scrapping and a lot of laughs.  Just what I needed after the recent traumas of life.  Worked on my team and my newbie CJs and got the layouts almost done,  Just a few wee tweaks and they will be done and I will post the pics on here.

Just after I started going to the crop they went off for a retreat they had organised themselves.  It was too near the time for me to go so I was delighted when they decided to have another one next March.  I put my name down to go on this one so I will have to try and put a few pennies away each month.

Having a bit of a chill out today today then off to make the Sunday roast - honey glazed gammhon today which has taken over as my daughter's new favourite.

No crafty pics today as my poor camera seems to have died a death.  Am now on the lookout for a replacement if anyone has any recommendations but have a nice pic of some daffodils which are so cheerful for spring.