Thursday, 20 January 2011

52 Card Challenge

I just noticed yesterday that there was a 52 card challenge set on UKS by Ang, details on UKS or on her Paper and Ribbons blog

I decided this was a good way to use up stash and build up a stock of cards so that this year I wasn't always racing at the last minute to get a card ready.

The prompt for Weeks 1 to 3 were already up so I decided to press on and catch up

The first prompt was Embossing, lilac and yellow.

The second prompt was Die cut, stripe, purple

And the third prompt was Blue, flourishes, hello.

I hope you like my efforts.


  1. Lovely cards Suzy, thank you so much for taking part!

  2. oh now how have I missed this challenge ... I'll have to go and find it. Your cards are lovely Suzy, you're really going for it this year ... great to have you back and blogging more too :) You and I should give each other the push we seem to need LOL

  3. Gorgeous cards you've made Suzy xxx

  4. Lovely cards. Thanks for sharing.