Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Lochouse Layouts

Hello again.  Well today I received a new modem from the lovely people at Virgin so fingers crossed this means I will have broadband all the time.  The lovely man I spoke to thinks it was the age of my old modem that was causing my problems.  I really hope tings ar sorted out now as it is just so frustrating not being able to get online as and when I want

I have some more layouts from my fab weekend at Lochouse to show you.

Okay first up a DL of my DS Fraser.  A couple of years ago when in Beadnell he was persuaded by Scott and some of his friends to don a wetsuit for the first time and take a leap of faith off the little harbour at Beadnell.  Not such a very big thing for the lads who were brought up doing this but a huge jump for my very nervous boy.  I was anxious to capture this on film but the speed at which he jumped meant that in one pic I managed to cut his head off.  This gave us endless amusement hence the title of the DL

The photos look slightly wonky in the photo but the are straight in real life.  I used a kit from Sarah's cards which I bought in their sale which I think was Pink Paislee Bayberry cottage.  I stiched he swirl and the rosettes were courtesy of my lovely friend Heather who had bought the Tim Holtz die.  We had quite a laugh as you need a lot of glue and have to keep your finger on the rosette for a while to stop it pinging back up

I really like the colours of the papers which perfectly matched the shorts Fraser wore over his wet suit

Finally for today I will leave you with another layout of one of my cousins kids.  This time it is the camera shy William who unlike his show off sister Eve tends to hide when you get the camera out.  This piccie was taken on the beach at Beadnell

Oh did mean to say does anyone know how I can get rid of the bits on my background which say picture deleted.  I want to give my blog a makeover but havent got the faintest clue how to go about it.  I really would like to use my own photos for the header .  Any help much appreciated.


  1. Suzy its great to see you back online :) Lovely LO's, they are all gorgeous.
    Re the deleted images/videos on your background - if you go to the 'design' page of your blog, you should be able to find these missing image bits amongst your gadgets, where you can delete them by going to edit. The other option is if you can see a little set of tools on the bottom RHS of the deleted squares on your background, if you click on the tools it will take you straight to edit, where you can delete it - HTH's xxx

  2. Look at you blogging away :) ... gorgeous pages.