Saturday, 12 May 2012

Alice ATC Book Swap

I have joined a group of Very Talented (but crazy) crafters on UKS and Rebecca has organised an Atc swap.  We each have to make 14 atcs using an Alice in Wonderland character. I chose Cheshire Cat and I did get the Octopode Cheshire Cat stamp but he was too big :(  I think I will need to give the digital ones a go

Anyways thanks to Bean Chop Suie as  we like to call Suzie for stamping These out and emailing them to me, so here they are and I just hope they are ok.  I cant wait till they all come back in  their accordian book so I can have them on display


  1. Suzie these look beautiful. I love the colouring and the cheshire cat head in the tree. Gorgeous.

  2. These ATCs are amazing ! As Bex has said, the colouring is really great !

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog during blog hop xx