Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Affirmation Postcard Swap

Better late than never! At the cows tail as usual me . I joined an affirmation postcard swap on UK Scrappers hosted by the lovely Stan!

We were to make three 6 x 4 postcards with a positive affirmation on.   As per the thread got out of hand with hilarious "alternative" affirmations being suggested.  So two groups were formed, one for each Type.  Ive joined both groups.  After a stressful weekend with DD in hospital I  eventually got these finishing and they will be winging their way to Sian tomorrow.  Im not very pleased with the way they turned out, more practise at the arty stuff is needed.

The positive ones read "My soul is beautiful" and the alternatives say "you dont Just have issues, you need a subscription!"

Now then a mini canvas board for another swap is next on the agenda.


  1. Suzy ... whatever do you mean 'as per the thread got out of hand' ?

    *innocent face*

  2. These look fab Suzy, hope I get one :)

    Lou x