Thursday, 21 March 2013

To Blog or not to blog ..........

Im Following an excellent series on blogging by Julie Kirk from Notes on Paper called The Push up Bra approach to blogging. Pop along and give her blog the once over.  Its one favourites due to her very entertaining style of blogging which draws the reader in and makes you feel you have made a new.friend in the blogging World. I would post a link but well due to blogging vía my phone I just cant seem to Master that as yet.

After reading her prompt yesterday and then promptly! Pardon the pun having that McFly song stuck in my head *sigh* I got to thinking about why I dont update my blog as often as I would like.  Then I realised In ok at updating when Ive made something Im happy with, a scrapbook layout, a piece of painty messiness or if I am following a challenge. But I find that when the crafting mojo toes walkabout then I neglect the blog as I feel I have nothing to say.

So we suggested by Julie out came the notebook, a funky chevron  one with kraft pages no less (at a great cost of 74p from Sainsburys) and let the note taking commence.  Hopefully this will give me the zing back a little more often.

I will definately have a reason to blog after Saturday as Im off to Middlesbrough, vía an overnight stop at Heathers in Newcastle for a Kate Crane Art journalling workshop so Im mega excited and even more so to realise that the aforesaid Julie Kirk will be there.  I will report back hopefully along with somehing lovely I have created


  1. I thought I'd catch up with my blog reading, then go back and read Julie's class. I know sometimes, I fall so behind with blogging, it's hard to get back into the swing of things again

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  4. The choosing of the notebook is half the battle ... so you're well on your way to conquering your mojo-less blogging. And in chevron-tastic style too!

    Thanks for you kind words - I always hope someone reading my blog feels it's a friendly place so it's lovely to hear you you say so. Thank you for that. x