Friday, 20 September 2013

Rocking your World Friday 20 September

Hello everyone. I've been missing in action a bit over the last couple of weeks and I'm sorry theres been nothing of any great interest to share with you. This was due to events completely outwith my control which once uncovered just seemed to spiral into ever more of an increasing nightmare. So sorry I havent been round to comment on all your lovely blogs either but I will put that to right this week. I'm pleased to say that I'm pretty confident everything has pretty much been resolved now as best as can be in all the circumstances but I have been left pretty much knocked right down by them. There's nothing worse than being let down and betrayed by someone you counted as a friend but I guess as usual you live and learn. It was made all the more difficult for me as folks who know me will know that after my husband of 20 years fell for and subsequently married my former best friend it took me a very long time to build up trust in anybody again and to have done thst and then find yourself betrayed again albeit in a completely different way has hit me very hard. I think what is worse too is that this person comes from the crafting world and up to now every crafter I have met has been just so lovely. I have worked alongside this person setting up and running our local crop for the last couple of years and to find out that all sorts of what can only be described as nastiness and deviousness has gone on behind my back has really sickened me to the core. this was made worse on Sunday night and Monday morning by a completely unwarranted attack publicly on me out of no where by a team member on an online forum I'm part of.
Anyways enough of the negativity, this week at least there have been things which have at least given me a reason to post my rocked my world post. Firstly my lovely daughter, who stood by me while things crumbled all around. She is a very loyal and very strong young woman and I am immensely proud of her. she is the one in red, her best friend Jade in black.
Secondly, look at this this funky little bag from Asda, with pink flamingos on, it was designed by Julien McDonald for their Tickled Pink campaign and with a proportion of the price going to breast cancer charities it would have been rude not too. Its going to hold some of my crafting bits and bobs for taking to crops.
Then last Sunday I had a lovely lunch out with my Mum and Dad at our favourite local deli and a glass of two of rather delicious merlot just might have passed my lipes!!! Well I deserved it.
This little package of stampendous encrusted jewels embossing powders and fragments arriving in the post from Angela (Angel Crafts) for me to play with in readiness for giving a wee demo at our crop tomorrow, I got to pick the colour (teal) and its gorgeous!
And looky looky at these little beauties - stamps made by Kate Crane from her Etsy shop which I was lucky enough to be ab
le to get a hold of - cannot wait to get these little beauties inked up. FInally, good friends both old and new who have really come through and rallied round with support during the aforementioned horrible time. The level of supoort and friendship has been astounding and I'd like to thank then all for being there for me. Im looking forward to reading all your Rocking your World posts and if you are not sure what this is all about then hop over to Virginia's place and take a look. Hoping to regain my creativity at my crop tomorrow so might have something new and crafty to show you.


  1. Suzy, I'm so sorry you have had such a rotten time but glad you had the support of your family to help you through. I hope things are now moving in the right direction.

    BIG hugs
    Toni xx

  2. Oh Suzy you do sound like you've been put through it hun, sending you the biggest cyber hugs! Glad you have family around you to support and your daughter is beautiful, glad she's able to help you when things have got difficult! I found along the crafting path a few thistles in amongst the flowers quite early on, not people to be tangled with and reminded me that not everyone is as nice, but it must have been difficult if it was someone you were close to. I hope you are regaining your mental strength from it and starting with a clean fresh page! Those stamps look fabulous can't wait to see you use them on a journal page! The merlot looks lovely, I'm weight watching at the minute and have treated myself to a tiny bottle of that for my Friday night treat later! Hope this week is positive and full of beautiful people who know you for who you are. Massive hugs!


  3. You've been through such a horrible time lately hun :( but true friends have and will continue to rally round and support you. Remember all those knocks that put us down do truly make us stronger and we rise up.

    I cant wait for our week away together its going to be fantastic!! xx

  4. Sorry you've had such a tough week Suzy. I hope everything will come back into balance now. Don't look back! Enjoy the using the new crafty bits. Thinking of you. Kate x

  5. Poor you, betrayals are so awful but remember you are better than them. They are people who have nothing better to do than create havoc. Keep smiling Suzy and hooray for your daughter.
    Hope you begin to regain some security
    Big hugs

  6. I really hope things get better for you this week. I don't know what has been going on but I hope it all settles down. Take care, jenxx

  7. It was a horrid week - but didnt we just have a simply fabulous time at the crop on Saturday? My friend Sabi said what a warm welcome she gets.... so we need to all carry on being there for each other ... and I might weven get back to Rockin Your World posts if folk would stop making my Firdays so busy!!

  8. We all have bad times suzy and its how we face those times and deal with other people that makes us the person we are. When a person is being bullied and harrased by people they considered to be friends and they dont know why or cant understand it and it is making them ill and no matter what they say or how they say it is is taken in the wrong context then human nature is to turn on the bullies and try to fight back. When the aim of that group is acheived don't be surprised if there are ill feeling flying about. Pleased that you are happy now.

  9. Whoever said 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me' just didn't know what utter Carpy lollock's they were talking. I'm sorry I didn't realise you were going through this Suzy. It makes me even more chuffed that you took the time to still visit and sign up to the swap. Having been on the receiving end of bullying, I know how it can knock you flat and you start to doubt yourself. So I'm pleased to read in your more recent post that things are looking up. Big hugs x