Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Documented Life Project - Week 3

Week three of the new year already.  On the up side that means the dreary month of January is almost over and Spring  is edging just that teensy bit closer. Can you tell I am not a winter girl at all.  Give me the Spring and Summer any day.

Continuing with The Documented Life Project the prompt for this project this week was to use something that had come in the mail.  My mail is not very exciting in the main so I just used a plain window envelope and cut it down to form my tip in page and sealed the open side to form a pocket.  I decorated the front with scraps of scrapbooking paper which I painted and stamped on and added some flowers made from a die cut which I coloured and doodled on.  I stapled on a wee die cut tag I had and finished off with some washi tape strips.  On the reverse side I painted then sprayed inks through one of my home made hot glue stencils.  I think I might do some stamping or doodling just to finish this side off. 

I had received a gorgeous piece of mail art recently from my lovely friend Dee so I popped that in the pocket so that it was peeping out.

I used the diary side of my page to documents the weeks happenings having firstly scribbled two colours of inense pencils over the background and swiping over them with a baby wipe.  I finished off with some doodling.

On the right hand side of the page under the tip in I coloured some wavy lines with neocolours and washed over again with a baby wipe. I have drawn a couple of long egged quirky birds and some more journaling on this page.  The planner is proving useful for practising techniques in and I am determined to learn to doodle some simple things this year.  The birds aren't perfect but they are a start lol.

The prompt for Week four is to right a secret message then paint over all but one word.  Hmmmmm will need to have a good think about how I am going to tackle that one.

If you want to see a bit more about this project have a look on the Art from the 5th blog here.  The project is being run by some seriously talented ladies.


  1. I'm loving how bright and colourful this is Suzy - mine looks poor in comparison need to do some work on it me thinks!

  2. Lovely pages Suzy, they all are. I did have a look at that project and there are some very talented people taking part. I just knew I would fall by the wayside before the first month was out! Keep up the great work :o)