Friday, 5 February 2010

Poor neglected blog

Okay so Im not doing too well at the blogging lark.  I promise to try harder.  I am off to a local crop tomorrow.  I have not been at a crop for ages and have never met any of the ladies who go to this one.  I have spoken twice on the phone and a couple of times by private message on UK scrappers to Audrey who goes regularly to this crop and who has kindly offered me a lift tomorrow so I do not have to arrive on my own

The only problem now is what do I pack and what do I do?  I have drawn a complete blank on the inspiration front.#

I have half of the bits and pieces ready to do a three in one album desk calendar thing that Julie Kirk (nabview on UKS) kindly shared and I have started Karen (Scrapdolly o UKS) 52 in 10 album.

I just feel so disorganised and need some very simple and quick ideas to kick start the mojo.

Will be back soon I promise - not that anyone will probably notice anyway

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  1. oh I'll be checking on you LOL. I'm expecting to see something in the next few days! Have fun at the crop :)