Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Okay I am shamed into this by my so called online friends!!!!  Alana has challenged Sandra and I to blog once a week (hmmm we will see) and Sandra has promised to nag me into submission in the tidying of my craft pit (sorry room).  Sneaky Sandra slipped in a blog post while I was at work - how below the belt is that - only kidding Sandra.

Not much crafty going on here at the moment due to all the extra working I am doing as we reach the end of the financial year at work.  I am so looking forward to having a break for Easter when I am off to my parents caravan which is at Beadnell in Northumberland for a few days.  I love that area, I have been going there for over 40 years and it really is my wee bit of paradise.  Fingers crossed for some decent weather although it is not looking likely as we are a bit snowboard here.

I habve just taken  part in my first swap on UKS with my team which I joined recently, the All new lost girls - so far I haven't earned any points for them but have enjoyed chatting with them.  The swap is to decorate and fill a Cooks matchbox with embellishments.  I had to post to Daphne whose favoutite colours are green and purple so I tried to theme the contents and the decoration.

I received my matchbox from Alison, it was beautifully decorated and filled with lots of "little treasures".

 I also joined in time to join in a circle journal which will be starting in April.  This will be my first time of joining in a circle journal and I am so looking forward to it.  My theme is to be "My Happy Place" and from this post I bet you can guess where mine is.  I have cut board for the front covers and am playing around with some card and patterned papers.  I will post once I have decided what I am doing finally.

I also got some  more wool and have started to knit a short sleeved one button cardi - I have just started this but will post a picture once I have done a bit more. I will take it to the caravan with me and hopefully get a bit done there.


  1. Let the nagging begin LOL. OOhhh I like the idea of the matchbox swap, what a great idea. So not with Easter just around the corner I expect to see just SO much crafting from you LOL. hehehehe .... I'm feeling all saintly as I did my post first LOL

  2. I'm with Alana on this one!!! I'm joining the nagging club!

  3. Just checking....yes it's ok your still on my blog list!

    Matchbox swop, I like that idea....I may nick it and palm it off as my own idea to my team.

    yeah scary and sneaky!

  4. Well done Suzy. The nagging paid off Alana. I'll look forward to seeing your CJ and knitting in the not so future posts :)

  5. I like your sweet matchbox - very pretty.