Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Hols

Just back today from a very relaxing few days away at my parents caravan which is in Beadnell, a pretty quiet wee village in Northumberland.  Weather was actually pretty good condsidering the forecast.  Had plenty of quiet walks on the beach and a chance to recharge my batteries, just what was needed.  Back to reality with a bump tonight though.  Never mind.  Will try my best to get a bit of crafting done.  Did take some stuff with me but its my parents caravan and with both of them, myself and my 16 year old daughter there was really not enough space to get much crafting done.  Did finish the cover for my first CJ though which I am joining in with on UKS. 

The paper is a Bo Bunny basics paper which I really loved the colour of, I matched it up with some brown card onto which I stitched a flourish using one of the Bazill In Stiches templates.  I used a dymo to create the title on some coredinations green card which I then sanded - the photo does not show this up to its best. The green trim was from the first Gottacraft Dabble kit and matched the paper perfectly.  The brown chipboard frame was from the latest Cleo Crafts monthly kit.  I need to do my rules page, my sign in page and a double layout and then its pretty much ready to go.  I am struggling a bit with the rules as this is my first one and I really dont know what to say.  I gather I need to make tags of some sort for the sign in page but again I'm not quite sure what size to use as I dont know what information needs to go on these.  I am also unsure as to whether there should be a sort of introduction page to say why you chose the theme of the CJ.  Never mind I'm sure I will get the hang of it eventually.   I hope so cos I have also joined in a newbie CJ on UKS - in for a penny in for a pound.


  1. YYeeahhh she's blogged!! LOL. I think I'm going to be slapped, aren't I? LOL

    What a lovely start to your cj - trust me you'll get hooked on cj's I think I've done 6 so far!. Yes do an intro page, it's nice for people to know why you've chosen the theme you've chosen and also they'll get to know more about you from it. As for the tags, they don't need to be big, just enough for everyone to sign in on, unless you want them to put a picture of themselves on them :)

    Right, looking forward to so many more blog entries from you this week LOL. ... ok, going to hide now xx

  2. Woohoo! Welcome back Suzy! Glad you had a nice few days away (while I was trapped on the stairs with a painting brush in hand) Never done a CJ, all a bit scary for me. Looking forward to the next post...no pressure.

  3. Hi Suzy. Glad you had a lovely break. I really like the sound of cj's but need to know more about them before I take a plunge. Plus I don't think I'm an experienced enough scrapper yet!
    Looking forward to reading more posts.

  4. Good luck with the CJ, I'm sure you'll do a great job!