Friday, 9 April 2010

Blooming Cameras!!!

I had meant to blog this post a couple of days ago but my camera is not playing ball.  It had been set to print some pics using the pictbridge setting and is now stuck and refuses to upload using the USB cable.  I just remembered this morning that I had bought my Parents the same camera as me (thought it would be easier if they had any probs with it) and so round to theirs I went and put my card in their camera and managed to upload my pics to my laptop.

What have I been up to this week then - well at long last and way behind schedule I caught up with my Mini Book of 2010 which Jane at UKS started in the Inspirations and Challenges Section.  Here is my cover and my layouts for Jan, Feb and March.

I am off to a small family wedding today - my cousin and his fiancee and getting married after being together for around 10 years and after the birth of three children,  It is just a small affair in the local Registry office and then back to the house for champagne and nibbles.  It should be a good day though and hopefully my camera will play ball and I can get some piccies.


  1. At least you managed to get your post done - it's lucky your parents are nearby!
    Lovely Los Suzy and I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding.

  2. That was a clever way to sort out your camera problem! I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding and get some more great photos.

  3. Yay, she blogged! Another week off the hook. Like the corrugated that stuff. have a nice day.

  4. Well done on getting your mini-book underway -what a great idea ( I might copy you!)