Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lost Girls CJ

I just realised that I had never blogged by very first CJ which I took part in whilst I was a member of the Lost Girls.

My theme was My Happy Place.  The first pic is my front cover

The next pic is my own dlo. My Happy Place is in and around Beadnell in Northumberland where my parents have a caravan and where I have been holidaying since I was a toddler.  I just love the peace and the rugged beauty of the place and in my introduction I narrated that it has been a real place of healing for me in the last five years whilst I recovered from the shock of my 20 year marriage falling apart.  There is just something about being by the sea in a fairly quiet but natural environment that never fails to lift my spirits

The following pics are the fab layouts done by my former teamies who took part in the CJ - all of them are absolutely excellent


  1. great CJ, it is great when they come home. beadnell is lovely, we visited there briefly last year

  2. What a fab CJ, you must be really delighted with it as its gorgeous :)

  3. It's lovely when cj's come home, and this one looks fabulous.