Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Newbie Mini Book Swap

I have just taken part in my first swap on UKS.  It was a minibook/album swap organised by Vicky.

I had to make a mini book for Hazel (Zaraandmax) and she had to make one for me.

My brief for the one for Hazel was that it was to be 8 x 8 and be in speia tones as she wanted to use this for piccies of her dogs.  She emailed me a piccie of her doggies and wanted this on the front cover.  I found it quite a challenge trying to make up blank pages with spaces for journalling etc without knowing what photos were going to be used.  I included some hidden journalling spaces on pull out tags and behind tabs.  I think Hazel liked it and I hope she posts piccies of it on her own blog once it is filled with piccies.

My brief for Hazel was for a shabby chic book and the one she sent me is beautiful.  I have just realised I haven't photographed it yet so will get piccies taken and post on here shortly.  I think I am going to use mine either to hold photos of my forthcoming retreat with the girls from the Kaleida crops crop in Uddingston or possibly as a design/ideas book for when I move house.


  1. great work, I am sure it will be fine. I always find it hard to scrap without the photos in mind.

  2. I love it so very much that it has inspired me to make one (using yours as a template) for my mum of the lovely old dog we had to have put to sleep last week. I havn't bound yours yet as I have had a big spring clean and am under pressure to finish my card orders. Once its bound with photos it will be displayed in all its glory on my blog.
    Thankyou so much,
    H xx

  3. Suzy, it looks lovely - you can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it .. I know it will be appreciated.

  4. Suzy - it is great, even without pics in it looks fab :)

  5. Great pages, I love the colour combination that you have used they work perfectly together, its a really gorgeous book :)

  6. Great pages Suzy, lovely tones used too