Friday, 22 July 2011

Just A Simple Wedding Card

Just a quick post from me today with a simple wedding card for a friend at work. Some Echo Park Be Mine papers with a bird and bird cage cut for me by my friend Heather on her new cricut.  Simple but classy I think.  All the best for Monday Lauren and Aengus can't wait to see you at your reception at Loch Lomond.


  1. Beautifully elegant card.

  2. gorgeous love this card :)

  3. Hi Suzy - I'm afraid that link didn't work. You just need to click on the post title on your blog [not in the Blogger Edit view] and copy that address.

    However, if it's eaiser, you can just email me the title of your post and I'll look for it myself. Or edit it to mention 'Going Postal' so I know it's the right post you want me to take. :-)