Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Take One Sketch CJ

I have just embarked on another cj on UKS. This one is a sketch one and I am hoping that mine comes back and fills me full of inspiration.

I wanted this to be a wee bit different to my other cjs so I have made the pages with C5 manilla envelopes so that the right hand side of ,a double  page will form a pocket to hold the sketch and sign in instad of a tag. .

I have attached a few piccies of it.

For some reason the picture of the front cover has gone all yellow which it isnt really in real life.


  1. Great idea for a cj Suzy. It's looking really good

  2. Hi Suzy - is this the post you meant for me to add? It's just it doesn't mention Gping Postal so I don't want to just grab it if it's not right!

    If you're still wanting to know how to get the link - you just click on the title of your blog post, then copy the long link that appears in the address bar on your internet browser.

    I'll happily pin this post if that's what you wanted. Thanks. :-)

  3. Your link worked this time, now it's all safely pinned to the Pinterest board here: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/going-postal/

    Thanks for joining in.

    Julie :-)