Sunday, 6 November 2011

Look What the Postie Brought Me

What a lovely little package arrived in the post yesterday.

I had commented on Sian's fab blog here.She was asking for alternatives to the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan which is so popular these days.

Mine was Keep Calm its only a Creative Opportunity. To explain I have so many little faux pas whilst crafting and I dont always want to trash the whole project or layout so I find myself muttering that slogan and finding ways to adapt, cover up etc and sometimes miraculously it even turns out better than I first intended!!! She had a draw for all the commenters and I received this lovely card handmade by Sian, two beautiful sets of studio calico stamps, this very useful sized alphabet which rather usefully includes a comma and a full stop and these adorable butterflies - which project does not benefit from a fluttering of butterflies. The stamps were tied up with this fab Union Jack ribbon which my daughter would like to lay claim to but isnt getting lol. It might end up on a layout featuring her if she is very lucky.

Isn't the crafting world and in particular the crafting blogging world full of such lovely people.

Thanks once again Sian and I promise I will keep on blogging!!

Then today look what landed on my doormat. The first shiny and new edition of Scrap 365.  Ive only had a quick flick so far but I love it and there within Its pages is an article by the Grrh same and very talented Sian with the same very adorable embellishments which were on the lovely card She sent me.


  1. Suzy, I am so glad you liked it and are enjoying the magazine too :) That's more than enough Sian for one day, eh? lol!

    I loved your slogan and will be remembering it in times of need

  2. Ooh you lucky thing! Those stamps look fab and I loved your slogan too xx