Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lucky Snapping - Lets Reflect

The next part of the Lucky Snapping 2013 that I am joining in with is taking part in the second week of the month and is hosted by Anne. 

She is encouraging us to build up on the positive things in life and using the initial letters from the words Silver Lining build up a wee book full of positives to sustain us through the bad times in life. Every time I hear Silver Lining I think of the 70's and David Essex singing every clouds gotta silver lining in Hold Me Close.

The first Word is serendipidty and we are to look out for something nice but unexpected which happens this week.  Well at work a few of us are going to attempt a diet (yes I know again!) And I had said I fancied having a go at The Hairy Dieters but Id need to wait till payday to splash out on the book which Michelle had already got and it looks fab.  Well When I got on Wednesday there was a surprise waiting for me on my desk as Michelle had bought the book for me so that I could plan my Shopping list and we could both start together next week when we get paid.  How kind and thoughtful was that.  So that was my first serendipitous moment from this week.  My second was that Freddy our Office cleaner had heard me.wondering out loud how much it would cost to get a joiner to repair a wee section of my living room floor where the hatch for the radiator was.  He also cleans in B and Q and asked me to give him the messurements of the piece I needed and he got t all cut to.size for me and even supplied the screws I needed and instructions so that my son Fraser who is only 21 could have a go at fixing it.

Anne is suggesting we do a mini book and as Im dipping my toe in the world of art journalling Im going to try and make an art journal for this wee project. Heres the photo of my Serendipidty pages.  I still need to make covers and a wee introduction yet.


  1. I love it, Suzy, it's beautiful. So nice you have such good people around you. I am still a bit shy at art journalling, but I admire so much for others are doing. I need to jump in ! xx

  2. Oh Suzy this is just fabulous, I love those colours, they look so vibrant together.

    I'm glad you had some serendipity moments this week :) xxx

  3. What wonderful serenedipty moments you had this week xxx

    Your art journal is fab and you have used my 2 fav colours together too!!

    I notice that I have lots of those Tim holz type of stamps which you have used and I have never used, (hang my head in shame), so maybe I should have a first attemptthis afternoon? :)

  4. It is very beautiful. Congratulations!
    I copied that your project on my computer - so I can see it in detail.
    /I have not done so far such projects and I need to learn./

  5. What great things to happen and what a lovely set of workmates u have.