Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday - the Basics

Arrgh! Completely forgot to post this on Tuesday.  If you want to join in with Ten Minute Tuesday then hop over to Vicki's blog and have a look and see.

Ive been too busy this week so far for anything creative as Im busily trying to get organised for our bi-annual weekend away to Lochhouse in Moffat with my scrappy pals. 

Stash is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, while I try to organise it into some semblance of order for packing lol

I did manage to get the paintbrush out but only to apply a base coat of gesso to a few pages in my A5 and A6 art journals so they were all prepped and ready to go just to grab when I got there and make a start without waiting for the gesso to dry.

Will be doing lots of lovely crafting at the weekend so hopefully will have something a bit more exciting to show next time round.


  1. I need to do that. I think I've run out of 'ready to go' pages.