Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

Hello there.  It's Tuesday again so its time to show what you have been spending your little ten minute bursts of creativity on this week. Pop over to Vicki's to see what she has been up to this week.

I really am having a bit of a creative slump at the moment.  Between working all week and the dark gloomy nights I haven't really been in the mood for creating much.

When I was away at Lochhouse with the girls last month we were following a tutorial by Roben Marie Smith (oh how I love her work) and as pert of the process she used a gelli plate.  Now none of us are fortunate enough to own one (yet!!) so we improvised.  I had seen people using all sorts of other things to experiment with and as I had bought a couple of non stick oven liners from the Poundshop to use as craft sheets we cut those in half so we could all have a  go.  We actually got some not bad results. These ones are not entirely smooth but I quite like the texture the surface gave the prints.  Of course I only remembered to take the only photo!!

I think I will experiment a bit more with these but not bad for 50p though.

Why don't you join in and share what you have been up to this week.


  1. Oh fab stuff, love what you've managed with this, I know what you mean about creative slump!

  2. Oh, you need to get one. Oh, you do, you do! Love mine! But saying tat, wow! Love the results you got here Suzy!

    As for the slump... I either have time and no ideas or oodles of ideas and no flipping time! X x

  3. Great results Suzy, I love multi-purpose poundshop bargains too :) The texture it's given is really nice too, bonus!

  4. These look great-did you stick shapes on, ink it up, then remove the shapes prior to taking a print?

    1. I brayed on acrylic paint then laid on a stencil and took the prints from that Pam

  5. Ooh that looks good, Suzy,:)
    Sue x

  6. Loving the look of these Suzy.
    C xx