Monday, 7 April 2014

Junk Key Round Robin

Hello there, right I resolve this moth not to neglect my blog as much as last month so today we have my Junk key for a round robin swap organised by Lou on UK Scrappers.  There's five of us in each group and the keys will travel round and each person will add something to them in the theme requested by the owner.  Well I bought myself a rusty key from ebay.  Lets just say it was larger than expected when it arrived but I love it so I'm using it!  It looks like a giant among some of the more delicate ones in the swap

No surprise that my theme is anything coastal.  First of all I thought Id jazz up the key itself and I wondered if some frantage would work on it.  Yes it did but oh my how hot does the actual key get while melting the embossing powder!  I used some shabby teal.  Next up I wrapped a piece of vintage book paper round the key and attached with some rusty wire.  I then added a tiny bottle with sand from the beach at my beloved Beadnell (yes I do have a glass vase of the sand along with some sea glass from Beadnell on display in my downstairs loo) and a seahorse charm with some turquoise beads which came from an old earring which was broken.  Its off in the post now to Karen and I cant wait to see what everyone adds to it as it goes off on its rounds

I have received Lou's key in the post and her theme is vintage sewing room.  Thinking caps on as to what I might add to this one.


  1. what a lovely idea for a swap :-)

  2. Oh that's a fab idea for a CJ! Can't wait to see how it's developed when it returns!