Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Break - Lochhouse

Well as I might have mentioned in a previous post I was lucky enough to spend a whole week in March at Lochhouse Farm near Moffat in Scotland with my crafty besties.  Now before you think a whole week retreat is a bit of an expensive luxury its not.  We hire two wee cottages which includes the use of a room for scrapping in and cater for ourselves.  Its cheap and cheerful and we always have an absolute whale of a time. We are there for seven nights and there are five of us so each of us makes the dinner one night, Saturday night is the fish and chips night and on Sunday we actually have to drag ourselves out of our pj's to go to the carvery for Sunday lunch.

 Once lunch is over though its back into pj's to partake of our Lochhouse tradition of double pud Sunday, we are always too full after our visit to the carvery so we buy some puds in the co-op and eat them for our Sunday tea

All five of us are taking part in the Documented Life Planner project this year and it was fab to look in each others planner and see all the fab artwork, each of the planners is so different even though we are working to the same prompts.

The prompt for the week we were away for the tip in page was to have someone else draw on your page and then finish it so Dee, Donna and I decided on a round the table collaboration which was great fun, if a teeny bit stressful.  We set a timer and each had seven minutes to work on a page before it had to move round to the next person.

This is how mine turned out.  I love it

I even managed to convert Lisa to a dirty girl with inky hands during the week, teach her to sit next to me!

Wine o'clock on a Friday  is much more fun in company and with inky messy play involved, its sheer bliss. You know you really are a dirty girl when your wine glass can be picked out of five identical ones with the words "Oh this one with the gesso on must be Suzy's!!

I loved painting these quirky wee birds even though it took me nearly all day to get them done.

The week flew past in a blink of an eye so its just as well we have another one booked for October this year. Let the countdown commence.


  1. Sounds like it was lots of fun and you were very productive too.

  2. Ah Suzy you look like you had a fabulous time love all you did and yes I too am an inky hand person, nothing better than a bit of finger painting in my book - good for the soul!

  3. It all looks and sounds like a huge amount of fun - productive too.

    Toni xx

  4. Looks like you had a great time. :)
    Sue x

  5. Love the phrase wine o'clock - looks like you had a GREAT time!