Saturday, 15 May 2010

I Lurve the AA

Well this is going to be the weekend that never was.  Set off with my daughter bright and early this morning for Newcastle to get back a car from my ex partner and to then have the weekend at the caravan in Beadnell with my parents so that my Mum could drive one car back for me and was merrily driving down the M74 quite happily when all of a sudden - bang - ooops pulled onto the hard shoulder, couldn't see anything wrong so phoned the AA.  Turns out my offside suspension springy thingy went pop - fairly fatal.  Had to be towed by home by the AA man  - who incidentally was a bit of a hottie.  Now facing a nice repair bill and am carless for the moment.  Oh well just have to stay home and do a bit of crafting. And as for the other car - will have to wait for an other opportunity to drag its sorry ass back home. Ah well such is life I guess. No pics today - wonder if I should have taken one of the AA man with my phone - could have made a layout from that!!

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