Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chinese Whispers - Round 7

Well our team on UKS have now more or less completed our Chinese Whispers challenge. The final reveal will be on 20th March.

This is my last layout which is my version of Dee's original layout

The photo was taken on New Years Day a few years ago before my son Fraser was quite 18 - it turned out he had sampled a couple of bottle of Stella Artois from the fridge when no one was looking and had also given a little bit to poor Spike!! I only twigged when Spike was lying in a contented manner on a chair allowing my cousins small children to pet him without complaint!!

I enjoyed doing this one as I am trying to experiment with little clusters of embellishments which other people seem to do so well and I seem to take ages and still mine look like they have just been thrown down randomly - I am quite happy with this one though

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