Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rik Rak Ravers Chinese Whispers - The Final Reveal

Well after seven months we have come to the end of my UKS teams Chinese Whispers Challenge.

It has been both great fun and challenging trying to do a layout based on someone elses each month and its exciting now to see the whole sequence of layouts and how they have changed from the beginning to end.

So here is how mine started with a picture of my Mum and Dad, my daughter Fiona and me celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at their caravan

Then Dee did her take on mine with a beautiful picture of her twins Amy and Tony

Next up was Lisa with a lovely school photo of Tessa featuring on hers

Followed by Julieann's darkly spooky one

Then Debbie's majestic shot of the House used in the TV series Monarch of the Glen

Next up was Lesley's lovely soft vintage style layout of her daughter Jen and her lovely Grand-daughter Abby

Last but by no means least is this lovely layout from Heather featuring fresh colours and her handsome son Mike on his honeymoon in Italy enjoying a coffee


  1. They are all so different! Great fun

  2. Love your original layout Suzy and it is so fun to see everyone elses layouts! :)

  3. Your layout looks great, I wish the pic was a little larger though so I could really get a good look at it! :)

  4. All such lovely layouts and it's fascinating to see the whole whisper and see the progression from one LO to the next. Interestingly, the final LO ended up not too far different from the original. When we did a Chinese Whisper in the Green Buttons house, the final LO ended up nothing like the original! :lol:

  5. How clever is that. So inspirational

  6. It's wonderful how a great layout can inspire so many others!