Friday, 7 June 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Hello again, third week of joining in with Virginia and her Rocking Your World Friday.

So folks what am I grateful for this week

The weather, yes for a change it has been sunny for most of the week. At long last summer appears to have reached Scotland!  Just a pity I'm stuck in work all week but I'm looking forward to the weekend as the forecast is good.

This was the temperature in my car yesterday!

At work we usually treat ourselves to some Chinese on a Friday.  Just a small lunchtime portion from the local chinese restaurant's lunch menu - a full one would be way too much and we would all be sleeping all afternoon.  Last week a new chinese restaurant opened up down the road from work so we ventured forth there this week and how yummy it was, we will definately be using this one from now on.

Having some energy in the evenings now that summer is finally here to do a little bit of creating each night.  In the winter I'm like a bear and tend to hibernate so I'm trying to make the most of the decent light nights to sit at my desk even for ten minutes or so each night and try to do something creative and its actually making me feel better which is all to the good.  This is helped along by me discovering that I have BBC i player on my phone (I know Im a bit on the slow side) and that I can listen to the radio on it which means I can now download Scott Mills Podcasts (I know, I know  but I do love him lol) and listen to them in my craft room Ive also been listening to Jo Whiley's show in the evening on Radio 2 whilst I create which I am really enjoying.  This is much better than vegging in front of the tv

Discovering the ICAD 2013 (Index card a day) on the Daisy Yellow blog via Carmens great blog Whoopidoings.  I was late to the party, as usual, and then had to source some index cards but once I got started  I'm really enjoying creating these mini works of art and only now have one for today and one other one to do and I'm all caught up for the first week.  Whether or not I can keep going all the way through June and July is another thing but for now I'm really having fun with this.

Why dont you pop over to Virginia's place and see what its all about.

See you next Friday


  1. Oh some fabulous rocking moments Suzy, I love your index cards - beautiful! Also know the hibernation in winter syndrome, I'd locked the door in October and re-emerge in May given half a chance! I was wondering what to have for tea that lunchtime meal looks mighty nice- mmmm might influence me later on! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and thank you so much for joining in!



  2. I love your index cards x x x and I'm very jealous of your lunch x

  3. Really enjoying these blog posts :)

  4. Aw thank you so much for the mention. Got a massive smile now. Even if I am green with jealousy at your Chinese. My OH is not a fan so we are lucky if we have one once a year (and then he has a very beige plate of egg fried rice, chips and spring rolls!)

    I'm loving ICAD too and am quite surprised at what I'm creating too. After what seems like months of a dry spell (maybe I'm a hibernator too?) it feels good to be doing something every day.

    I hope the nice weather holds in Scotland - we're due to hit Loch Ness in August ;)

  5. P.s have a great weekend x

  6. Loving your index cards! They are so much fun and I love your photos...made me smile! Caro x

  7. Love those colourful index cards. As for the weather long may it continue lol

  8. Great to see the sunshine! Your takeaway has made me hungry! jenx