Saturday, 1 June 2013

Month in Numbers - May

Well I really enjoyed joining in with this last month.  If you are not sure why I am recording the important numbers for this month then hop over to Julie's blog .... and have a look to see what its all about

I had some lovely comments from people who joined in with this last month and really enjoyed my hop around the various blogs to see what numbers people had recorded for their own month

So without further ado, heres what happened for me in May

one lovely birthday lunch out for my Mums birthday at their favourite local del - Deli 108

1 - Blog makeover by my lovely and very talented friend Dee - I absolutely hated the old fashioned and cutesy look of my blog but after Dee got her mitts on it she has dragged it right into the present - using my favourite colours and even incorporating some of my art work in the banner .  This led on to me hosting my very first (and hopefully not my last) Blog party/hop where some of my very good real life friends and some good friends I have made via blogging and scrapbooking - 10 in total joined in with me to showcase some of their work.    Dee also made me a new cover photo for my facebook account based on the blog banner.  There were 6 prizes and 1 lovely discount offered along the hop and I had 34 fab comments

5 - the number of days I spent in my beloved Beadnell at the end of the month Bank Holiday.  For one reason or another I havent managed to get there this year up to now and boy was I missing the place.4 art journal pages finished off outside in the sun and 2 calendar pages for June started.

2 beach walks,   only 6 pieces of Seaglass collected, very slim pickings.   Two books read whilst I was there.

2 - the number of crops attended this month - our own one in East Kilbride which was back to full capacity this month and 1 new member, Karen we welcomed along to join in the madness with us.  She is fairly mad herself and fitted in exremely well.  The second one was Scrap Dollies bi-montly crop at Stewarton which in May was held to raise funds for Cancer research and as we had lost one of our members to cancer earlier this year we were all happy to go along and help raise funds for this wonderful cause

  This is the canvas I made as my contribution to us all making something which had to include pink and which hopefully could be sold to help raise funds. This is as pink as I get lol

1 - Fab stamp ordered from Crafty Individuals - I mean it would have been rude not to really.  What with my connections to that area of England and my love of all things seasidey. How excited was I to discover a stamp with Grace Darling's Lighthouse on it.  I cannot wait to create something lovely with it.

One silly and somewhat spectacular fall at work resulting in one sore neck and two very bruised knees (all better now so thanks for asking)

So that wraps May in numbers up for me.  Why not join in yourself this month.


  1. It really is nice to see other people's numbers isn't it? I always enjoy it - and yes, I find the number-counters have often got to - and left comments on - each others' blogs before I get there!

    Glad you got to your 2nd home for a break away [and a creative one at that!] I sometimes feel like that when we don't get to visit Lincoln for a while.

    I've added you to the board with the others now:

    Happy June!

    Julie :-)

  2. Great set of numbers Suzy x
    I hope you are fully recovered from your fall & your blog looks great after it's makeover x

  3. That's a fab canvas Suzy just to let you know I have finished my Christmas stuff until November lol
    I'm really glad I joined in with MIN it's so interesting finding out what everyone is counting especially for a nosy person like me.

  4. Lucky you having a choice of crops to go to - enjoyed seeing your artwork - and happy birthday to your Mum.

  5. Lovely way of summing up the month :)

  6. This is such a fun way of keeping track of what would usually be forgotten each month. x

  7. Oh my gosh are you ok with your fall? Honestly Hun, more water with the whiskey lol. Xxx

    Lovely seeing all your blog posts, gosh you're on such a roll x

  8. I love your blog design and your artwork.

  9. Your blog hop was great fun.

    Hope you are ok after your fall.

    Love your art journal pages x

  10. Looks like you had a crafty month. I enjoyed checking your numbers and the look of your new blog too :)