Friday, 31 May 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Hello there. Can't believe it's Friday again.  This week has rolled by very quickly.

Last week I joined Virginia for the first time with this and really enjoyed jt I am again.

What rocked my world this week then:

Firstly a few days away.from home at my parents caravan in Beadnell, Northumberland, so relaxing and a chance to recharge the batteries.

Sunshine, yay! Several days of it whilst away, it felt good to be out and about enjoying it.

Finally getting the time to read this book which has been on my "to read" pile since Fraser and Fiona bought me it for Christmas and a very enjoyable read it was too.

Sitting in the sun on Saturday evening with a glass of.chilled white wine, some nibbles and a pen doodling in my art journal - bliss.

Receiving my first two sets of Plundered Page packs from Julie Kirk all beautifully packaged up with some extra seaside themed papers, little beads and a wee bird and a gorgeous little card with the words challenge and encourage you which is very appropriate given the challenges and encouragement in Julies recent blogging series Ive been following.  These will be making an appearance in my crafting very soon.  I got the maps and the numbers packs and they are full of fabulous pages.

So there you go, that was my week so why don't you head on over to Virginias place and join in.  See you next Friday.  Have a fab weekend everyone and I hope the sun shines for you


  1. A good week all round it seems! Thanks for your kind words.

    I'm glad you liked your packs and I have a lot of fun adding in the little 'bits' - people always comment on them too ... like they enjoy them as much as the thing they paid for!

    After a few grey, foggy days here today is beautiful and bright and warm so the weekend might just be a glorious one. Enjoy yours too. :-)

  2. sun shining here too... fingers crossed great week ahead - you have had a good week too by the sound of things, take care, jenx

  3. Fab week then, loving the sketch book, wine and nibbles. We're venturing up to Northumberland at the end of the school holidays. It's an area we haven't visited before, glad you enjoyed the book it's always nice to manage to get around to doing something like that when you've had it a while! And the craft stash looks fabulous too. Can't wait to see it appearing on you art soon!

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time away in the caravan. I've seen something unusual of late.... the sun and a beautiful bright blue sky, long may it stay. I'm looking forward to see what you do with your plundered pages. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Lovely week :) Sunshine just tops it all.

  6. Rod's amazing - it's brilliant he got to the top of the album charts, and with songs written by him too!

    Art journaling with a glass of wine + nibbles = perfection :)

    Love the look of the goodies in the Plundered Page packs (great name for them!). I bet you'll have fun with them.

    Have a great week - you never know, we might have some more sunshine!

  7. I've been offline for a bit so missed you joining in last week! Yay to another Rocker! Do you know, I haven't heard any of Rod's new stuff. I'll have to have a google.

    I've bought one of Julie's packs before - they are such treasure troves aren't they?

    We have sun here today - so lovely finally :P Have a great week Suzy :)

  8. Enjoy your break hunny xxxx

  9. A most fabulous week!! I have been wanting to read that book, you have just reminded me to check it out at the library! Wine, art journal and nibbles seems very idyllic to me!