Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday - 26 November

Hello and welcome to another Ten Minute Tuesday.  Hop over to Vicki's to see what this is all about.  Its about taking wee ten minute bursts of creativity when you don't have a huge slice of time and seeing what you come up with

This week I have this wee art journal background.  I got a glue gun recently as I have been dying to try out a technique I saw demonstrated by Contadina K on Your Tube.  My first attempt isn't as good as hers but I'm quite pleased with it.

Basically you make trails of glue over your paper and allow to dry, sponge over some gesso and then
 spray some inks on to your background.  I just love the texture you get.  I have no idea what I will use this page for yet but it was fun practising.


I also made this flower shape out of the glue gun.  Its basic but it was my first attempt.  I'm going to use this as a stencil to put on my page and then mist some inks around it to see what effect I get.


  1. You be careful with that thing . . lol

    Fab background and stencil though, I look forward to seeing more of these on your pages x

  2. Oooh these look interesting Suzy.
    C xx

  3. Oh Suzy, loving these I was thinking about using glue today whilst I was driving, got home and you've done just that - now there's spooky - are you sending me subliminal messages LOL

  4. unhinge ol disobey doxie culmination punjabi polyglot Kaminsky alternatives
    jeux de barbies

  5. Ooh clever stuff, Suzy. I especially like the daisy.
    Sue x