Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

Hi there.  Today I have a work in progress to show you for my Ten Minute Tuesday post.  Hop on over to Vicki's and see what its all about and join in with us.

While I was away for my crafting week with the girls at Lochhouse, Dee was showing us her recycled art journal made from a cereal packet using a tutorial by Jenniebellie.  I instantly wanted to make one so when we popped into the Tesco's in Dumfries I had to purchase a box of cereal.  I can report that as we weren't going to eat the cereal its possible to purchase a suitable box of Tesco own brand cereal for 31p!!! Not bad for a journal cover eh!!  I also got a roll of brown wrapping paper to cover the box with.

I managed to create my covers in various ten minute bursts between doing other projects.

You need to open up the cereal box.  Glue all the flappy bits to the covers for strength and cover the whole thing in pva glue.  Cut your brown paper bigger all round and place on top of the gluey covers and scrunch it up a bit to give some texture.  This then needs to dry for a fairly long time while youa re getting on with something else.  I left mine overnight.

Next step was to paint the covers - I choose dark turquoise.  It took two coats to cover the brown paper.  I then glued two pieces of corrugated card to the inside front and back covers for strength.  We recycled an amazon box from martins recycling pile for this purpose.  I stripped back the card to reveal the corrugated bits before glueing them in.

The final stage was to rub some treasure gold over the raised bits of the painted brown paper which really highlighted it well.

I have all the signatures folded ready to be sewn in but I have ordered some waxed linen thread from Vicki at A Sprinkle of Imagination as I thought that would have been stronger than the embroidery thread I usually use.

Once I have sewn the signatures in I will blog the finished book.  I love it already and can see me making another one in the not too distant future.

I had to take it outside to photograph on the window sill as the light has been so bad recently and look little Maisie Moo just had to get it on the action!!


  1. this looks lovely, you need to let us see it with the pages inside too
    caroline x

  2. I can't wait to see this finished! It's gorgeous already - love that picture with Maisie Moo :D

    As a consumer of Tesco value cereals (some of them aren't bad)I shall watch with interest ;)