Tuesday, 14 February 2012

UKS Art Journey Step 5 - Doodling

I am still loving following the UKS Art Journey. My AJ is slowly filling up with colour. I hope at the end of it it will provide a useful reference as to what and what not to do and have shown me that I can try out different things but that I wont necessarily want to continue with all of them

The prompt last week was about doodling, now doodling on a piece of paper whilst on the phone I do but on a page hmmmmm well that was not quite so easy. My first page here developed more into a journalling page than a doodling page and is full of works about the sea.

My second attempt wasnt much better. The question in the middle of the page is Do I doodle? and the words around the edge say - Good question .... and the answer .... yes at work whilst on the phone ... but .... just rubbishy scribbles ..... but deliberately on an art journalling page .... hmmm the jury is still out on that one .....

And yes the Jury is still out lol. Time will tell if doodling is for me. I love all the pages people produce with lovely doodles but when I try to replicate it just looks rubbish. Maybe in time I will improve, who knows

Next Step is about layering up on your pages and Im looking forward to seeing what I can do with that one

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