Sunday, 4 August 2013

52 Photos - Week One

Hi there.  When I saw this idea to post one photo a week on Jean's blog I knew I wanted to join in.  having tried and failed at a photo a day on the past (my life is just not that interesting) I think I can cope with one a week.  There's a great list on Jeans blog compiled by herself and Gail from Efemera  Ink and Gail also gives a great tutorial for an easel type album to showcase them

You can use the prompts in any order you please hit you must begin and end with a self portrait *sigh* I hate having my picture taken and I really hate trying to take one of myself bit I gamely went out to the back garden and bit the bullet, I think the sunglasses helped lol.


  1. Well done self portraits are never easy, looking forward to see all your photos. I

  2. well done, my self portraits always involve my inner nostrils;)

  3. It's a great photo...... I've taken mine but not blogged it as yet.... Don't want to scare folk!