Thursday, 8 August 2013

She's finished!!

Following on from my Ten Minute Tuesday post I sat last night and worked again on my art journal page with the Teesha Moore style drawing on it and I got on a roll and got it finished. I made a paper dress for the figure and finished it off with some rub ons - I journalled on the figure and all the way round it. I stood her on a tape measure rub on and some washi tape, doodled a border round the page and added on a couple of rub on lines. I finished off the watercolour blobs with some gesso which I drew into with the end of a pencil and made into flowers after reading another tutorial on Carmen's blog by Carla Sondheim. I finished them off with centres made from dots of a posca paint pen.
The title of the page is "She didnt care if it was perfect" and the journalling around the girl reads "You need to learn to embrace that sentiment. Life isnt perfect and thats okay, its just the way it is sometimes. Your art doesnt need to be perfect either - that's okay too!!" Its a wee message that I need to say to myself more often. Like most folks I'm very critical of my own work but I actually quite like this page, its not my usual colour scheme and the figure is a bit wonky and quirky but I like her.

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