Friday, 9 August 2013

Rocking Your World - 9 August

Hi, hi, hi and welcome to Rocking your World. Friday has come around again rather quickly and its time again to join Virginia and the other rockettes in seeing what we have all been grateful for this last week. So where do I begin, firstly I am grateful that as last weekend approached and I had decided to do something about the pit that was my craft room I spotted a large second hand expedit unit for sale on facebook which would help with my storage issues. I am also grateful that Fiona and her boyfried Gary helped me to put the blooming thing up or I would never have managed by myself. I am grateful that my mojo returned and I actually finished this art journal page that for once I am quite pleased with.
Now I have finished phase 1 of the clear out I have a mostly cleared floor and a cleared desk to work at and I have managed to catch up on a few outstanding swaps so I feel much better about that. The sunshine - again - I know - I still cant believe that here in Scotland we have had such lovely weather, its been fab and I do hope it lasts a bit longer. My lovely kids - both Fraser and Fiona were marvellous at helping to organise everything for their Grandpa's birthday the other week and Fraser has been working hard trying to tackle the jungle that is our back garden. However this week the thing I am most grateful for is life itself. Myself and friends from the crop I co run have been spending some time this week organising a charity crop for September in memory of our very dear friend and talented scrapbooker Heather Cuthbert. Heather sadly lost her battle with cancer earlier this year and is very much missed in our crop. We are planning the charity crop in Heathers name to raise money for Marie Curie as it was a charity very close to Heather's heart. She shaved her hair before the chemotherapy made it fall out and a substantial amount of money was raised by her from that brave act.
I am so grateful to crafty friends stepping forward with offers of help and donations for our raffles and tombols. God bless you all ladies.


  1. Expedit is a wonderful creation and at a cheaper price, even better :)
    Your art journal page is gorgeous and bless you for having a charity crop in your friend's name and honour - I'm sure she'll be smiling down on you.
    Have a great week x

  2. I love the colours on your Art Journal page. I wish you well for your charity crop in your friends name. So many brave folk do lose their battle, but they stay with us in so many ways. it will be a great memorial for her. Kate x

  3. Well done you on finding the expedit unit to sort your craft stuff - that's a task on my list this week - hit those cupboards and remind myself of what I own LOL! Loving the art journal page too.

    What a good memorial to your friend holding a fundraising, my Mum got the all clear from breast cancer this year, 10 years after diagnosis, such a hard disease, we lost my Aunty to it a few years ago. I hope the memorial is a celebration of a beautiful life!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead - much love!

  4. How apt that I should visit your page tonight with the post about Heather. The very first crop I ever attended was heather's crop in Dalkeith. I remember her with great fondness.

  5. The bic C is awful.. I've just lost a UKS friend through pancreatic cancer and she will also be missed... I hope your fund raiser is a huge success.
    I had an Expedit that I wanted in my craft room, but because it is so tiny in there my DH had to adapt it to squeeze it in .. I only have 6 squares now and I had to lay it on its side but it is amazing how much 'stuff' you can get in it and on it!

  6. That AJ page is awesome!

    And, yes, it has been great to see how everyone has responded to the charity crop.

  7. Fab art journal page & what a great way to raise money for such a brilliant cause.
    C xx

  8. What a beautiful memorial to your friend. Such a lot of lovely moments noted, as well as the gratitude for life itself, and the remembrance of dear ones you wish were still here.

    Thank you for this post, for reminding me of what is really important at the end of the day. I hope you are having a fantastic week. :)