Friday, 23 August 2013

Rocking Your World Friday - 23 August

Well hasn't that last week just whizzed past at the speed of light and here we are at Friday again and its time to Rock Your World with Virginia. If you fancy joining all the Rockettes which what they are grateful for this past week then hop over to Virginia's blog and see what its all about Each week I tell myself to take more photos to go along side my gratefuls and each week its an epic fail lol. Note to self - get out your camera!!! So what have I been grateful for this past week It was our crop last Saturday that I co-run and I am so grateful for my cropping buddies, we had another fab crop last Saturday and a day with these girls never fails to inspire me and lift my spirits. Sometimes there is far more chatting, laughing, drinking tea and eating cake goes on than crafting but you know what - thats actually okay. They really are a great bunch and the support I have received from them after what was a quite frankly difficult week was pretty epic. I was actually quite productive for a change and managed a circle journal entry and also this double page spread for my own art journal - its not finished yet but Im quite pleased with the way its shaping up. Id never used the hambly transparencies before but Angela (Angel Crafts) had been clearing out her stock room and found a whole pile and brought them to sell at a reduced price. After remarking that I had no idea what you would do with them Linda gave me some great ideas so some were purchased and I set about cutting up this brick wall one and attaching it to my journal with washi tape. The image behind the wall is a girl trapped behind a bird cage and I put it behind the wall to symbolise being trapped. Im not sure how I am going to finish the page off but I will be working on it this weekend.
The continuing generosity of folk with the prizes and hand made items for sale which are still coming in for our forthcoming charity crop - I thank you all. The world is full of generous and talented crafters The Range - yes I know! - is it strange to be grateful for a shop? I think not. For years Ive listened to my English friends saying what a marvellous place it is and what arty bargains you can get there. Well I went on Sunday because at long last the Range has arrived in Scotland. Its only about 20 minutes away in the car from my house and it has a fab wee art department. Im on a tight budget so I just treated myself to a few indivdual brushes as Im sure that part of not getting the painty background effects I want is down to my brushes. They have a fab selection of paints, mediums and canvases so Im sure I will become a frequent visitor there. Ive had a wee experiment with the brushes already and while my efforts are far from perfect I do really think these brushes have helped a bit. I forsee another visit in my future to collect up a few more lol. Using my new brushes I tried to follow a Dina Wakely page from her book and although the colours are a bit on the bright side Im pleased with the way its shaping up
So what have you been grateful for this week. Come along and join us,


  1. The aj pieces are stunning, Suzy.
    And, yes, we had a great crop, and it had been a difficult week!

  2. Fabulous art as always Suzy, loving the use of the brick wall on your journal page, I always struggle on the 'securing part of these sort of overlays, hadn't considered washi tape!

    The Range is fab, I have to be careful how frequent I go as I just buy things, regardless of whether I need them or not! Glad it's finally reached you so you can see what it's all about.

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  3. A lot to be grateful for Suzy! I just discovered The Range last week.. forgot to mention that on my blog..but I'm grateful for it regardless

  4. Sounds like a lovely week Suzy. Love the creative pieces - beautiful colours.

    I thought I was safe from the Range as the two closest to me are in locations that I don't need to visit. Unfortunately, Suzie just advised me that a store will be opening on the old B&Q site in Southend - you can see it from the office. Oh dear, purse is going to be spending more time empty.

    Toni xx

  5. It's great therapy to get the paints out, and it is good to have nice brushes to use. I love the colours of your double page. have a good week. Kate x

  6. I love The Range - we are lucky ours is a bit of a trek otherwise I'd spend a fortune in there ;)

    I've missed your news about the Charity Crop - what's that all about? I'll have a scroll see if I can find it but - I am constantly surprised at the kindness of our little community... well - not so little. Worldwide.

    Loving your art journal pages - very deep.

    Hope you are having a great week Suzy :)