Wednesday, 3 July 2013

2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - June

Ooops Im a little late - I seem to have left a couple of posts which should have been published in June till now to post but as its only the first couple of days of the month thats okay I guess Im joining in with this summertime photography scavenger hunt for the first time this year after seeing various bloggers I follow posting about it. If you want to know what its all about then hop over to Rhindas blog to see what its all about. It looks a whole lot of fun and theres a list of 21 things to be found and photographed before the 21st of September. I will be interested to see just how many I can manage. Okay well as I was late to the party as usual I only have two so far for June. #A Bench that is outside
This one I have sat on often and what a magnificent setting for a bench with a view of the majestic Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and the glorious sandy beach and sea stretching out for miles. A lovely place to sit and dream on a lovely day lost in your own thoughts. #13 A fence
On the other side of the Castle funnily enough between Seahouses and Bamburgh. I stopped to snap a picture of all the beautfiul poppies when I realised there was a fence there List is carefully printed off and in my purse now so that I can consult it when I am out and about. Hopefully I manage to score a few off the list in July


  1. I'm sure there must be a No.8 on that castle somewhere ...

    I like the slim images - would make a great mini book once you've collected all 21! [I intended to do that last year with mine ... maybe this year I'll actually do it!!]

    1. I've no idea how they came out like that lol! I thought it might be cheating to use that for the tower as well but if i don't get another one I will be revisiting, there is a lovely tower on the other side

  2. Oh they are fabulous photos, I've only got one up to now and not managed to download!

  3. S'alright..I've only found one so far!

    I love the poppies..we don't see a lot here and when I get across the water I love to spot them

  4. Fab photos and I thought I recognised that castle. There is still plenty of time to get more.

  5. I wonder what the 21 items are on your scavenger list. Did you finishit on time? It would be great if you compile all those photos in one blog post. Scavenger hunting may sound a bit easy, but it's somewhat a challenging task. You can really feel the pressure, especially when you're so close to the deadline! ;)

    Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me