Friday, 26 July 2013

Rocking your World Friday - 26 July

Hello and Happy Friday to you all.

A much more positive post from me this week - Im sure you will be glad to see that. Last week was just one of those weeks for me but I was still determined to join in.  I guess sometimes you do need to take the rough with the smooth.   Not as many photos as I would have liked though as Im blogging from my phone which isnt a problem in itself but the signal is poor and its very hard trying to get photos to load over it.

So lets get down to it.  What rocked my world this week.

Firstly - my local crop -  I co run this along with Audrey and they really are the lovliest, friendliest and maddest bunch of crafters you could hope to meet.  A days cropping with them never fails to cheer me up.
I even managed a bit of creativity - Yay! It felt good after a week of producing nothing at all.  No pictures though as I havent actually managed to finish any of the things I started yet!!  It was good to see Donna again all refreshed after her holiday to the USA and I really must thank her for the teeny wee wooden alpha stamps and lovely journal cards and little patterned glassine bags she brought me back.  The stamps are pefect for my art journal and I cant wait to use the envelopes and cards on a layout.

Then on Sunday we were distraught as Maisie Moo, my daughters kitten managed somehow to get out of the house and was missing for around five hours!!!! We were in a right old panic when we discovered this and when we set off along the street to search for her it was not at all helpful when the first thing we saw was a fox!!!! just two doors along strutting up and down like he owned the place  We were sure then that we would never see Maisie again but just after we had given up searching and come inside to post pics of her on facebook I noticed a movement at the lounge window and there was the little minx up on the outside sill begging to come in.

Finishing work on Thursday for a wee break!! Im not back in the office until Tuesday 6 August. Its a fab feeling. Yay!!

Beadnell - yes I'm back here again - my favourite corner of the world and how lovely this time to be here not only with my parents but I will be joined later on today by  my lovely son Fraser and his girlfriend Emma and my gorgeous daughter Fiona and her boyfriend Gary.  Its a long time since we were all here together and Im really looking forward to it.

But the main thing Im grateful for this week,  and the reason we are all at Beadnell together is that today my lovely Dad is 80 and along with all their caravan friends we are having a birthday bbq.  In case you didn't know about eighteen months ago my Dad was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and in that short time we can see him failing which is incredibly sad.  Most of the time he is his lovely self but when he is not it gives a glimpse of how the future might be.  He has been looking forward for weeks to us all being there with him (I will post up some pics of his birthday celebrations next week)

Im here for another few days then Im heading home because once and for all I need to get a grip on the ever increasing mess that is my craft room.  So instead of chilling out down here Im biting the bullet and having a few days off at home (which I dont usually like to do) to sort things out in the hope that once its tidied and semi organised so that I can find things I might feel more like sitting in there doing a bit of creating,  So Im hopeful it will be worth it in the end

And finally I receive this very lovely kit in week from Sue.  I won this as a prize.on ber lovely blog and I can't wait to.use it.

If you want to know what this is all about then hop over to Virginia's place and join in.  Due to very limited signal here I might not get round to comment on your blogs till I get back home but I will try my best.

Till next week.


  1. Glad you liked the bits & pieces! Its a little thank you for the art journaling lessons & advice!!!

  2. I do hope you have a very happy time with your dad. "Making memories". I love family get-togethers, Enjoy yours. And Good luck with the craft room clear out. You will have something else to be happy about when it is done! Kate x

  3. Oh wow so many wonderful positives this week - don't every stress if your week seems short on the positives - the whole point of this exercise is that in amongst those weeks we can still see the positives which in the past we might not have seen.

    Time at Beadnell sounds lovely and Happy Birthday to your Dad, dementia is such a difficult thing to come to terms with my M-I-L has Alzheimers so I know where you are coming from on this side of things!

    Big family gathering sounds awesome and loving the blog win, I don't envy the tidy the craft space but know that it will be worth it in the long run given that it will help with creativity I'm always amazed to find things that I forgot I'd bought!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  4. Yay Suzy so pleased you have had a more positive week and that winning my kit helped a bit.
    Sue x

  5. I too have tackled my craft room this week and finally I feel as though I'm in control. I have thrown lots out that I had just been hanging onto meaning to use it one day. Well that day didn't arrive so in the bin they went!!! Enjoy your time with your family because after all memories are what make our world go round.

  6. My art space needs a tidy as well, but it can last for another week I hope (I am pretty sure I will say that next week as well).

    I hope your Dad had a stunning day, make the most of each good moment. Easier said than done in the bad moments.

    I love family get togethers when we are all together. One of my joys for sure is catching up with extended family.

    Yay for blog wins and finding missing felines, I can't imagine seeing wild foxes. I am sure the reality would be different but it sounds thrilling (if I was not worried about missing kittens!).

  7. Enjoy your family time... I'm having a get together with my boys tomorrow and I can't wait I just not get to see enough of ds2 and his GF.

    Enjoy the time with your dad and make the most of his more "normal" moments.

  8. It does make all the difference tidying the art space. I know when I don't bother I find it so much harder. My space is so small thought that I have to clean up after every sesh.

    Thank goodness that explorer kitty returned home safe and sound.

    Yay for the lovely day with your Dad - I bet he enjoyed it too x

  9. Glad that your wanderer returned home safe & sound.

    Sounds like you have had a great time with your Dad.

    Good luck with the of these days I might just get around to some too LOL

    Toni xx

  10. Glad you are having a better week and how lovely to be celebrating your Dad's 80th in what looks like a wonderful place. Enjoy your craft room and I hope next weeks rocks some more :)

  11. what a lovely photo of your dad:)