Friday, 5 July 2013

Rocking Your World Friday - 5 July

Hello and Happy Friday to you all. Here we are again at the end of another working week and after my lovely break last week it feels like its been a long hard slog this week lol. However what has been rocking my world this week. Firstly the lovely welcome home I got after having been away for almost a week from these wee guys - I dont think they have featured on the blog before so let me introduce you to the great big cuddly bundle of fur that is my boy Spike. He's a wee darling. He was adopted by a friend of mine after being mistreated and put out on the streets but she already had a whole bunch of cats and they didnt take to him so we took the plunge and he came to live with us. He was the most timid and scared boy when he came to us but we won him round bit by bit and he really is the biggest softie you could imagine.
and secondly this little bundle of mischief - let me introduct you to Maisie Lou, my daughter Fiona's kitten, or as we tend to call her Maisie Moo, cos she really can be a little moo at times lol. She's just over a year old and we have had her since she was very young. We got her from my boss who also has her Mother, Grandmother and until she was killed in a road accident last month her Great Grandmother. She has the cutest wee face but is the biggest bundle of mischief you can imagine but her exploits never fail to cheer us up.
What else then. Andy Murray - yay! watching his Wimbledon quarter final - nerve wracking but so good when he made it to the semis. Best of luck Andy for today's match. Cropping with friends - Aud and I went to another local crop on Saturday - they only have limited table spaces and its not often theres spaces and we can manage to go. It made a lovely change just plonking ourselves down and chatting, drinking tea and doing a bit of creating without bobbing up and down checking everyone was okay like we do at our own crop which we both run. A bit of creativity even took place - I know! Shocking Lovely Sunday evenings with my Mum and Dad - I cherish being able to just walk the short distance to their house to spend some time with them. Finally, and I couldn't resist this look what I found in my bag of carrots this week lol, well it made Fi and I laugh
So thats been my week. Why dont you pop over to Virginia's blog to see what its all about See you next Friday


  1. Ah your cats are gorgeous, loving both pictures, I can imagine Spike is cuddly! The carrot picture had me giggling too. Spending time with family - lovely - hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


  2. Gorgeous cats and I love the carrot... definitely made me smile! Caro x

  3. The carrot did make me smile. A supermarket near us displays any veg like this that turn up, and they always make me smile too. The cats are gorgeous. Being 'home' for three rescued cats, I can fully understand how you have transformed Spike's life, and he'll love you forever for it. Kate x

  4. funny carrot! made DS2 laugh! have a lovely week, jenx

  5. suzy I have been blog hopping... have you checked this out?

    thought it would be right up your street, jenx

  6. Oh this makes me miss having cats even more! They are gorgeous.

    Laughing at the carrot here :)

    Have a lovely week Suzy :)