Friday 19 July 2013

Rocking Your World Friday - 19 July

Hello folks.  Well its Friday again so it must be time to join in with Virginias Rocking your World.  Hop over to her fab blog here and join in with all the other rockettes.

So whats rocked my world this week.  Well truly - do you want to know - not a lot really.  I know last week I said doing this made me look for the positives but since Sunday I have had a whole lot of not very nice negative feelings and I cant really put my finger on why exactly.  I think it is a combination of having to work while its so very hot in the office and then coming home feeling quite worn out and not then having the energy to be creative which in turn makes me sad, but even if I have nothing creative to report then surely I can find something to be grateful for this last week

So here goes.  Well despite it sapping my energy somewhat after a full on day at work I am grateful really that the weather is still staying nice.

Despite it having been a very busy and manic week I am truly grateful that I have a job and also truly grateful that I am part of a great and very supportive team at work.

I am very grateful as ever for my lovely friends both irl and online ones.  In all honesty its them who bolster me up and keep me going when things get tough.

Being sent two lovely messages from both Lesley and Dee in response to them receiving out of the blue a little piece of mail art from me - that really made me feel better to know that in some way something I had made and popped in the post made someones day.  Did I take a picture of them before I posted them - well no - that would have been too sensible lol.

And finally I am soo grateful its Friday and I have our crop tomorrow so I am determined to create something come what may so watch this space.

Apologies for the lack of cheer and lack of photographs this week, I just didnt seem to find anything worth taking a photo of.  I did consider not joining in until I felt a bit more positive but its become my Friday routine now

I will leave you with a photo of a layout I did for a weekly challenge on UK Scrappers the other week.  Maggie had challenged us to use the sketch she provided along with the colour scheme she chose and also use a phrase/mantra or saying that we use when times are tough.  Well as I had just returned from my birthday trip to Beadnell I decided to use a photo I took on my birthday of my sandy toes.  As I am a by the sea type of gal during the winter months I long to be by the beach and one of my favourite quotes is the one I used on this layout "A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes".

I have a glass vase in my bathroom half filled with sand and topped up with seaglass (no prizes for guessing where the blog name came from) and sometimes on dark miserable winter days I tip out the seaglass so that I can run my fingers through the sand to give me my beach fix.

See you next Friday with a much more positive post as I shall hopefully be blogging from Beadnell


  1. Oh Suzy - I know that was obviously harder than normal but you pointed out some pretty awesome positives, a job, a great work team, good friends IRL and on the net, blue skies, here's to slightly cooler days (we still want the blue skies but the stat can be turned down a notch) and some creativity to lift your spirits! Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead


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    1. Sorry! I clicked the wrong button! Thanks for posting this as it has made me realise all the things that I too should be grateful for! I hope you have a lovely weekend and a great crop. I expect its just the heat sapping your energy to be creative.

  3. Well done, Suzy on finding all these positives and thank you for steering me towards RYWF. Happy Friday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@5)

  4. There are some weeks when it really is hard isn't it, but well done you for managing to find some positives despite the challenges. I love your layout...have fun at the crop. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#6)

  5. I do so love splodges of paint on a white background. brilliantly composed LO - thanks for sharing. (love the photo too)

  6. glad you found some positives... it is sometimes a bit hard but I always manage to find them... sometimes I keep a sticky note on the computer screen to add them day by day so I have something to remind me! I love rocking my world and it always makes me feel better... I am glad that even more people are discovering it! Hope you have a lovley week ahead and I love the photograph and layout! jenx