Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

Hello there.  Last week I just ran out of time to post my Ten Minute Tuesday post.  It was just one of those weeks! and this week isn't looking any better at the moment.  Roll on Thursday at 5pm as I finish work then until 5 August.  Thank heavens!  Im hoping for great things - some relaxation, some sorting out, throwing out, tidying up and of course some more creative time so watch this space.

I recently bought Art, Doodle, Love which I absolutely love and although I havent started doodling on any of the prompts yet I did decide to make a start on one of the title pages as it wasnt as daunting as a full blank page.  Here's what I achieved so far with a PITT pen and my coloursoft pencils which I am beginning to fall in love with as they are just so easy to colour with.  Its very theraputic and great fun and is being packed away into my bag to take with me to the caravan so hopefully I will have more to show after next week.

Hop over to Vicki's blog to see what Ten Minute Tuesday is all about ( I know her kids are off school so it may be that she doesnt have a post up - but scroll back and have a look at her previous posts)


  1. Love the look of your doodling and the colours are lovely.I must also say I really like the look of your blog-I think you've had a change since I last came!

  2. Your doodling is amazing, I love it:)

    Have fun at the caravan.

  3. Gorgeous doodles - love them!