Monday, 13 May 2013

Lucky Snapping in 2013 - May

Im late posting my pic again which was actually taken during the first week in May. I did manage to snap my view on a fairly sunny day and its nice to see a blue sky appearing.  Roll on the summer I say, because I have had enough of winter weather thank you very much.  Today we had sleety showers on the way into work.  Sleety showers in May!!! What on earth is going on.  It brightened up as the day went on but its still blooming freezing outside.

I also managed to do my simple layout using my photo for my wee accordian book so that it is up to date as well, Im really quite pleased with the way the book is  shaping up so far and once I get June's done I will display it on my fireplace I think.  Im just hoping the Studio Calico Snippets papers Im using for this book last but I am beginning to think I might need to invest in a couple more sheets just in case!


  1. its lovely to see the changes in the view - bet it didnt look that good this morning xx

  2. The weather is odd at the moment isn't it?
    But it is lovely to see how the landscape is changing with the Spring.

  3. Im with you on the weather issue Suzy, this wintry weather is dragging on way too long!

    Gorgeous photo and it looks fab on your LO

  4. Great layout! BRAVO!
    Good luck!