Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Month in Numbers - April

Ooh here we are folks with my second time of joining in with Julie Kirk's month in numbers and this month Julie is directly responsible for two of the numbers on my list thanks to her excellent Push up Bra approach to blogging series (if you havent seen it yet hope over to Julies fab blog and take a look and maybe you could help by giving a donation to her very worthwhile cause of  Save the Children.

Okay to the numbers for the month.  First up is the two I can give Julie and her push up bra the credit for .   13 (yikes is that unlucky)  the number of blog posts this month, the most I have ever posted in a month since I started my wee blog!  That might not seem like a lot to you regular bloggers but the total of my blog postings for the whole of last year was only 33 lol.  Then 1 blog hog I joined in with on UK scrappers and 75 (wow!) the number of lovely comments left by UK Scrapper folks  on my blog hop post.  Join in with things Julie said, I did, and I enjoyed the whole experience, once the initial technical traumas were overcome, which was a long story of having no working computer, a smartphone which isnt so smart and an aged laptop owned by my Parents,  and I will not be so shy about joining in something like that again.

6, the number of fab crafting friends who got together for 1 fab, 3 night weekend crafting at Lochhouse Farm in Moffat, leading to 1 friend (Dee)being converted to art journalling while we were there

Here are five of us beavering away

I piece of extremely good news a special friend had after getting the all clear following a major operation.

24 - the number of Derwent Inktense pencils purchased from ebay following a recommendation that they were excellent for art journalling ( I will report back on that once I have had a wee play with them)

3 - the number of hours spent raking through my garage hunting for an elusive tent for my son to use on a camping weekend next weekend - only to find it had been hiding in the back of a cupboard in the spare bedroom all along *sigh*

That's me for this month.  Hop on over to Julie's place Notes on Paper to see what it's all about


  1. Great Month in Numbers Suzy :)
    Well done all the blog posts as it does take time 7 a little know how to get them going but as you found it's well worth it in the end xxx

  2. Well done on your numbers, I'm happy that I posted 6 times in April, I haven't done that for such a long time lol

  3. A very creatively based set of numbers this month!

  4. Well done on blogging more often Suzy, mayvbe I should look up Juile's Push-Up Bra approach as I haven't touched my blog since Christmas!!

    Thank you for all the inspriration re the AJ - I am totally hooked already :D

    1. You'd be very welcome - you can find all the chapters in the series here:

      Julie :-)

  5. I *love* the idea of the conversion - I bet you felt very proud spreading the good word like that!

    And thanks for all your support of the series - I'm just so happy that, now people have had a while to read through it all and try out a few things, I'm getting to hear of successes along the way. It really makes my day!!

    I've added you to the board now Suzy:

    Happy May!

    Julie :-)

  6. Great month in numbers Suzy particularly like the photo of your crafty get together, reminds me of our "crafting cottage". I too have taken heed of Julie's push up bra approach and re-launched my blog after a long layoff.

  7. Super month in numbers - I don't get it myself but then I never was very bright LOL!

    It looks a nice place where you were all crafting - well it had a nice big table which is one of the most important things.

  8. All positive, creative, productive numbers. :)
    Happy posting for next month!

  9. What lovely numbers. I love your crafting photo.