Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

I must admit I'm really liking this idea of Vicki's to grab ten minutes of creative play time and I find I have been doing a bit more that I usually would.  Its so much easier to sneak in a quick ten minutes or so into your schedule and even if you are only laying down the foundations of a project or putting on the finishing touches to one, its a great aid to actually getting things done and I find I am sneaking in quite a few of these 10 minutes sessions during the week. 

I am off to the caravan at Beadnell for the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month but as my parents will be there, there just wont be the space to take my usual bag stuffed full of crafting stuff so I am trying to prepare as many background pages in my various journals as I can in the hope that I can take them with me along with a limited amount of supplies - preferably non messy ones lol - and maybe manage to do a wee bit of work in them while I'm having some chill out time.  I have visions of me sitting outside in the sunshine,glass of chilled rose by my side and journalling away soaking up the lovely weather when in reality looking at the way the weather is just now I will be sitting inside freezing in front of the fire while the rain pours down round about me lol.  What on earth has happened to Spring this year.

Any hints actually as to what would make a good "on the go travel kit" for art journalling would be much appreciated then I can maybe have a wee kit all ready to grab whenever I am away from my main supplies.

Hop on over to Vicki's blog The Biskit Barrel  To see what she did with her ten minute playtime this week  (Edited to add that Vicki hasnt posted her Ten Minute Tuesday post as yet but do have a look at her lovely blog anyway as there is loads of lovely inspiration on there )

Here's what I got up to I made a double spread background in my dinky wee A6 journal.  I scribbled with necolours and wiped over them with a baby wipe and left to dry.  I scribbled some circles again with neocolours and outlined them with my new inktense pencils (which I am still trying to get the hang of) and then went over them delicately with a waterbrush.  I then thought Id see if I could get the inktense pencils to drip down the page when wet by scribbling at the top adding water and tipping the book up.  Didnt work too well so I think I will finish off the drips with some ink spray.

What will you achieve with your ten minutes this week


  1. Love the colours in this spread! Great idea those 10 minute sessions! Will have to try that out. Hugs Frea

  2. What a great idea to have a journal already made up and ready to go. Honestly you've found your style ... Love it :)

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